Top 5 Hack Attacks in 2015

Hospital Paid $17000 Ransom to Hackers

Numerous hack attacks stormed the year 2015. During this year, every hack carried out affected everyone one way or the other, from one of the biggest financial institution in the world to a small dating site. These attacks range from identity theft to breach of cyber security by employing sophisticated methods and malware. Below is a list of the top 5 hacks that made the news in 2015 and bided farewell. First on our list is;

The Loss of 80million records by Anthem Health Insurance Company

Due to the position Anthem Health Insurance company holds in the United State Insurance industry, the attack on Anthem has remained the worst data breaks that occurred in 2015. Anthem, which is known to be the second largest insurance company in the U.S. had its data breached and the attackers obtained over 80million of its customers’ information and about 18 million of other information from its associated agencies. The statistics during this attacked showed that almost one in every three Americans was affected.

Information retrieved from anthem include very sensitive information such as names, social security IDs, birthdays, email and home addresses. The attackers have still not been found, and their motives cannot be ascertained. Some sources have iterated that, the information stolen can be sold at the black market. Anthem insurance company is expected to face a law suit for not having their data encrypted which made it possible for the hackers to attack.

Data Breached at the Office of the Personnel Management of the US Government

This attack saw the office of the personnel management of the United States lose about 21.5million records that are related to current and former federal workers. The United States office of Personnel Management, which is an independent agency for the recruitment, retaining and maintaining workforce for the American people, had sensitive data on some US government officials stolen. These data could be used for identity theft and cyber espionage. The data accessed by hackers included Social security numbers, history of employment, educational history, social security number, criminal and financial history. Investigations revealed that the attacked was carried out by Chinese hackers.

The Loss of 15 million records by T-Mobile when Experian was attacked

Experian which is a credit reporting agency saw a hit that affected T-Mobile customers when the T-Mobile company sent its customers’ data to the firm for credit checks on new customers. The hackers stole sensitive information which includes addresses, names, driver’s license details and passport numbers of the T-Mobile user. This attack has since been on the mind of people as an unpleasant reminder that even firms who are well protected are still prone to attacks. It has brought out to light, the disadvantages that are embedded in third party agencies and contractors by corporate organizations.

86 Million Records Lost by JPMorgan

This was not only one of the biggest attacks of 2015 but has also won the prize of the longest attack. It was hidden for about three years and was discovered around the mid of 2015. The JPMorgan attacked was a series of coordinated attacks by hackers that targeted more than 12 countries. The hackers stole as many as 86 million households and records of small businesses. This has been termed as the largest data theft in the history of the U.S. that involves financial institutions. So far, four suspects have been charged, but the damage has already been done.

The Ashley Madison Data Breach

A popular married and dating portal for having extramarital affairs was hacked by a team known as, “The Impact Team”. These hackers sneakily gained access to millions of users on the website and posted about 10GB of its users’ personal information online, including their names and e-mail addresses. This was followed by another leak. This time, the hackers released about 20GB of the company’s internal data. This included an e-mail from Noel Biderman, the CEO of Ashley Madison Parent company known as Avid Life, alongside the source code for its mobile apps and websites.


2015 has been a terrible year when it comes to cyber-attacks and hacks. This is just an eye opener for more years to come and understanding that it has been proven beyond doubts that no online company can successfully protect your information.

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