Thai Prison Sites under DDoS attack by Anonymous

‘Anonymous’ Attack Nissan’s Website to Show Anger against Whale Hunting

After two Myanmar men were accused of the murder of a British girl, a group of hackers who is supposedly linked to the notorious Hackers known as Anonymous attacked Thai justice websites and bought whole online system down. Some of these websites were back online at 10 am but around 20 websites were not that lucky. Till 10:45 AM all the websites were showing “server not found” error message.

In Koh Tao, a UK tourist was drowned in a swimming pool under drug influence. The family of the tourist were not convinced and said it was not an accident but a murder. As per critics, the two men who were held by the Thai police were tortured during the investigation and were forced to confess the crime that they have not committed.

During the whole legal process, Anonymous has remained very vocal about the incident and repeatedly raised a voice in favor of the convicted men. They have brought up the problems with the legal system in Thailand and mentioned again and again that corruption has laid its root very deep. The group has initiated several attacks on websites related to police as well as the legal department. Hashtags including #KohTao and #BoycottThailand surfaced during the attack.

In the message posted on the Anonymous Facebook page, the responsibility of the attack was taken by the Blink Hackers Group who posted a screenshot of the web server status to prove the success of their attack. Though the post did not mention sentencing of Wyn Zaw Htun and Zaw Lin for the rape and murder of Hannah Witheridge and murder of David Miller in September 2014 at the Surat Thani resort island but the hashtags that were used in the post relate the attack to the convictions.

In the past, Anonymous group and the related hackers groups have raised voice against many social and legal issues. They have not only shown their concern about the increasing corruption in all departments including legal and other departments run by different governments but also raised voice for the net neutrality which is being crushed by many countries.

The recent attack on Thailand legal websites has raised many questions. A lot of fingers were pointed to the corrupt system in Thailand and the country remain in the news for all the wrong reasons. The death sentence of the two Myanmar men has raised many questions which need immediate attention.

Anurag Bhateja

Anurag Bhateja

Anurag is from Chandigarh, an expert in product photography and also good in writing articles, particularly in cyber security niche. He is an expert in translation from Hindi to English or English to Hindi.

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