Privacy Policy

Keeping in mind the confidentiality of our users, the privacy policy of HackersPews outlines the ways in which we promise to protect the information that you share with us on our website.

HackersPews treats the issue of your privacy with utmost importance and anything that is provided by the users for the sake of identification while using this website, will be protected to an elaborate online managerial and security system.

The statements made in this policy may be subject to change from time to time. The present policy is effective from December 2015.

What kind of information may the user have to provide?

The user can be asked to provide his or her name, contact information in the form of email address, job title, about his or her interests and hobbies and the necessary geographical or demographic information.

Why do need this information?

Our user base is our greatest resource and their complaints and queries, are our best incentive for improvement. The information that you provide us, will help us improve our customer satisfaction and also update you from time to time about any special offer or news update that may pique your interest.

What is a cookie and what are the various categories that come under it?

A Cookie is essentially a bit piece of data that is stored as text files on the user’s device whenever the concerned person visit a certain website. Using an HTTP cookie, the website can recognize the user on every subsequent visit of his and hence enhance his experience on the website. The various categories of cookies are as follows:

  • The Strictly Necessary Cookies: These are essential for website navigation and providing the services that you as a user want to avail from the website.
  • Performance Cookie: This cookie is anonymous and is more concerned about how visitors utilise the services provided by the website, the frequency with which they visit the website and much more.
  • Functionality Cookies: These cookies are mainly used to enhance the user’s experience on the website. They remember the choices that the user makes on the website and try to provide him with better services the next time he visits the website.
  • Targeting Cookies: Advertisements are often considered to be interruptions or disturbances by the users. Targeting cookies make sure that the user is provided with advertisements that are relevant to his interests. These cookies usually fall under the ambit of the various advertisers after taking the website operator’s permission.

How can you restrict the information that you want to share on this website?

Other than the compulsory details that the user is supposed to provide, he or she can indicate through a complaint or in any other effective manner, whether he or she would like the information provided to be utilised by a different agency or party for promotional or marketing purposes. Even if the person has agreed to share the information with others, he or she can request any change of mind by either writing or by sending an email to admin@HackersPews .com.

Any information shared by the user, will not be sold or distributed to third parties or agencies unless we obtain the permission from the user.