Huge scare for Gamers about Hackers Shutting down Xbox and PSN Again

Hackers Shutting down Xbox and PSN Again

During this festive season, many people look forward to finding the latest games wrapped up nicely under the Christmas trees. It is, therefore, important to look back at the tragedy that occurred last year when some troublemakers decided to ruin the gaming experience for everyone.

Hackers Shutting down Xbox and PSN Again
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Several people remember the inconveniencing ordeal that occurred when the online services that normally host Xbox and PlayStation Network suddenly shut down and stopped working for players all over the world. It was a major crisis as the Xbox Live shut down for 24 hours leaving many gamers disappointed. The PSN was out for a whole two days, which seemed like a decade for those who waited impatiently. It was later discovered that the reason for all that mess was an attack designed by some jerks to overload the servers with lots of traffic resulting to shut down. The bad news is that there is no simple way to prevent such attacks from happening.

The hacking group responsible for the attack call themselves Lizard Squad. They tried to justify their deed by saying that it was aimed to expose the incompetence of Microsoft and Sony. The whole squad had nothing important to say in their interviews after the shutting down of the online services.

The good news is that a few weeks later, relevant authorities arrested some group members of the hacking group. One member was found guilty of several charges linked to cyber-crimes. Another member was fortunate and did not go to prison but was given the responsibility to help fight against cyber-crime.

This year, there is a great possibility that a similar problem will go down in a few days. There are several reports that allege that some new hacker groups are threatening the two online gaming platforms. It is, however, hard to prove whether these claims are credible because the only available evidence is linked to unverified tweets. As a result of all the fuss going around about the hackers, it is evident that the threats are just a way to attract attention. The sad thing about all this is that it is actually working. The threats were trending on social media platforms like Facebook.

The groups of hackers are engaging people for more retweet on the Twitter platform, which makes the claims less credible. It is important to note the recent outage that occurred in Xbox Live in the beginning of this week. A new hacker group has however claimed responsibility. It is, therefore, hard to conclude that something will go down or not.

Regardless of all the threats, it is important to enjoy this festive season whether the online games shut down or not. All we can do is hope for the best but be ready for the worst.



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